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Cardio For Life L-Arginine Supplement
An All Natural Approach For Improving Cardiovascular Function

The miraculous medicinal benefits of l-arginine were authenticated by the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine and have generated a frenzy of interest in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The effectiveness of l-arginine as a curative agent has been validated by thousands of scientific studies. In fact, there are over 100,000 written and published clinical research studies attesting to the fact that the amino acid l-arginine enables your body to regulate all aspects of its cardiovascular function. According to Nobel Prize in Medicine Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro's research, the human body needs a minimum of 5000 mg of l-arginine per day, in combination with other key ingredients, to boost nitric oxide levels to the point where the age of the cardiovascular system can begin to be reversed. Dr. Ignarro stated that, "In the field of medicine and health l-arginine is one of the most incredible revolutions of our time. The discovery that the amino acid "arginine" may be the "magic bullet" for the cardiovascular system.

Cardio For Life l-arginine supplement is a potent combination of all natural ingredients. Cardio For Life contains 100% pure free-form l-arginine. L-arginine has been clinically shown to begin to dissolve blood clots in as little as two hours. Cardio For Life contains AstraGin, a proprietary nutraceutical which is proven to maximize cellular assimilation of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and glucose. AstraGin increases chemicals in the human body known as transporter mRNA. These chemicals control the absorption of vital nutrients into the intestinal walls and regulate the bioavailability of essential vitamins and nutrients. This results in an improvement in general wellness, strength, energy levels, stamina, sense of well being, blood glucose levels and lean muscle mass. Cardio For Life combines l-arginine with grape seed extract, resveratrol, CoQ10, omega 3 from perilla oil, and a number of additional essential vitamins and fulvic minerals to help support heart health. As l-arginine derived nitric oxide begins to do its work, the powerful antioxidants within this formula begin to repair and rebuild the diseased arteries within your body. With Cardio For Life, you have an incredibly powerful synergistic combination of nutraceuticals at an affordable price.  
Cardio For Life Powder
Cardio For Life L-Arginine Supplement VideoCardio For Life Ingredients
Cardio For Life Powder ---- Available In Four Delicious Flavors ----

Orange, Grape, Peach And Pina Colada      

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Cardio For Life Benefits:

AstraGin Is Clinically Proven To:

  • Increase amino acid absorption by 62%
  • Increase vitamin absorption by 50%
  • Increase glucose absorption by 57%
  • Increase ATP production by 18%
  • Decrease blood sugar level by 19%
  • Increase insulin sensitivity by 38%
  • Increase glycogen in muscle (24 hours after strenuous exercise) by 60%
Additional Key Cardio For Life Benefits:

  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Safe for Diabetics
  • No GMOs
  • Great Tasting
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